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Thailand is home to some of the world's most beautiful landscapes, unbelievably stunning beaches and ancient, vibrant culture. Maybe you've marvelled at the prospect of a beach holiday on Thailand's coast, but have you considered the idea of teaching here?

You could live and work in Thailand's exuberant capital of Bangkok as an ESL teacher and spend your weekends exploring the incredible sights Thailand has to offer. 

Here at Educating Earth, we're experienced ESL teachers and you can take our advice- Thailand is a wonderful place to live, work and explore. What could be better than gaining the invaluable experience of ESL teaching whilst earning a living and spending your free time marvelling at one of the world's most magnificent countries? Life really can be that exciting!

​We require graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in any subject to teach children ranging from age 3-16 in schools in various locations across Thailand.


  • Explore the beautiful country of Thailand and experience world famous Thai culture.

  • Gain great teaching experience to carry forward into your future career.

  • Work together with like-minded adventurers like yourself and make friendships and memories you'll cherish.

  • With Thailand's low cost of living you can earn a good salary and spend or save.

  • Find your own tropical paradise, spend your free time exploring the infamous, idyllic beaches and beautiful landscapes.

Job Description:

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:


·        Preparing and delivering English lessons to children of varying abilities.

·        Preparing lesson tasks and homework which is in accordance with the school’s curriculum.

·        Classroom management.

·        Marking and providing appropriate and supportive feedback to quizzes/tests, writing assignments, etc.

·        Basic administration: taking attendance, inputting grades, giving monthly feedback on student progress, etc.





42,000-45,000 THB per month (£1,120-£1,180) ($1,360-$1,470)




  • Paid holidays

  • Gain invaluable teaching experience.

  • Low cost of living


Requirements for Applicants


• A Bachelor’s degree (any subject) 
• TEFL qualification (desirable, not essential)
• Ability to speak and write in English to native level
• Great communication skills 
• A positive work ethic
• Good organisational skills


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To apply please send a copy of your CV t
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