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Interactive Teachers Required in Bangkok, Thailand- 45,000 THB per month, contract completion bonus of 100,000 THB

What is Interactive Teaching?

Interactive teaching involves engaging learners using green screen technology and Virtual Reality. Using conversation, games, quizzes and movement alongside animated characters on screen, interactive teaching creates an engaging and fun environment for children to learn from.


We’re looking for candidates who are energetic, enthusiastic and love working with children and who are capable of communicating in a dynamic way in order to engage learners. 

Educating Earth are now working with Education House Language Schools, located in Minburi and BangNa, Bangkok, Thailand. Approved by the Thai Ministry of Education in 2017 the company has over 50 English teachers, employed from the USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, Canada and New Zealand who are currently working at the Language schools. Together, we are offering graduates and prospective teachers the opportunity to be part of EHLS’s Young Learners Project, which includes teaching English to children in Thailand via green screen technology from a studio located within the Language School. As well as this, the language school offers online teaching positions as well as proof reading roles and opportunities to take part in pre-recorded Virtual Reality productions.

6 Month or 12 month contracts available


Near BangNa BTS (Bangkok Sky Train System) Bangkok, Thailand

Working Hours:

Monday – Wednesday 11.30 – 19.30

Thursday and Friday Off

Saturday and Sunday  11.30 – 19.30


45,000 THB per month (Net pay) ($1,490) (£1,150)

Contract completion bonus: 100,000THB ($3,309) (£2,560)


Contract completion bonuses, see above

Aetna Medical and Health Insurance


Requirements for Applicants:

Native English-speaking ability

A Bachelor’s degree (any subject)

Great communication skills and a love for working with and engaging with children.

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To apply please send a copy of your CV t
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