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Native and Non-Native English Speakers welcome to apply.


Since the fall of communism in 1989 the Czech Republic has become a popular choice for tourists from all over the world, keen to experience the beautiful cities that it is home to such as Prague and Brno. Working as an ESL teacher is the perfect way to experience these famous cities as well as other areas of the Czech Republic such Hradec Kralove, and Plzen.


Roles are open to both first time teachers as well as those with more experience in the classroom. This is the perfect opportunity for people to ‘get into’ ESL teaching abroad.


Job Description


Our roles are flexible, you can choose to work a full time or part-time schedule and spend as much time as you choose exploring Czech culture.


·         Full-time/part-time schedules available which can be tailored to your needs.

·         Option to teach young children/teenagers/adults

·         A range of educational settings (public, in-company, school setting)

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:


·        Preparing and delivering English lessons to children of varying abilities.

·        Preparing lesson tasks and homework which is in accordance with the school’s curriculum.

·        Classroom management.

·        Marking and providing appropriate and supportive feedback to quizzes/tests, writing assignments, etc.

·        Basic administration: taking attendance, inputting grades, giving monthly feedback on student progress, etc.





Average employee wage; between €700- €1000 per month (the cost of living in the Czech Republic is lower than most of Europe)




·         Free language or professional courses (various languages, basic skills training) for full-time teachers

·         Free Czech lessons held for teachers

·         Assistance in acquiring your visa

·         Assistance in acquiring all other necessary permits to work in the Czech Republic (health insurance, housing assistance etc.)

·         Regular training sessions and workshops for further teachers’ development

·         Full travel pass reimbursement

·         Career development opportunities

·         Excellent library resources for lesson planning as well as self-study

·         Teachers’ room with free internet access, printers and copy machines

·         Monthly newsletter, official and unofficial parties for teachers, etc.

·         A welcoming, friendly and supportive environment



Requirements for Applicants:


·         Ability to speak/read/write English at idiomatic level

·         TEFL/CELTA certified.

·         Bachelor’s degree preferable

·         Open to both EU and non-EU citizens

·         Flexible and willing to teach at different places within Prague or other Czech cities (optional)

·         Energetic, reliable and motivated person with a positive work ethic.

·         No previous teaching experience required

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To apply please send a copy of your CV t
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