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A Fusion of Performing Arts and Global Cultures 

Drama-based ESL teacher with students in Mexico
Drama-based ESL teacher with students in South Korea

Above and right:  Educating Earth with children of the Broadway Arts Centre, Seoul, South Korea

Educating Earth have been providing drama-based workshops for international schools and colleges around the world since 2009.


We use drama-based interactive activities as a tool to increase learners’ confidence, improvisation skills and cultural awareness.

Learners discover skills they need to create their own 'mini-show', all within the duration of the workshop (tailored to schools’ preferences). Our creative activities teach learners the 'interactive improvisation skills' to be able to make their own group performance from scratch. Essentially, their end result is all a product of their own imagination and creativity!


The workshops take a 'Communicative Approach' to learning, giving learners the opportunity to collaborate with their peers to create something truly inspirational.

Our workshops aim to;


  • Give learners the confidence to improvise and build self-esteem.

  • Enhance students’ creativity both individually as well as within a group.

  • Provide students with the opportunity to experience the value of collaboration as they co-operate with their peers to create a performance.

  • Develop language and communication skills.

  • Develop students’ empathy and emotional intelligence as children are able to understand situations and feelings through the medium of drama.

  • Highlight learners’ awareness of other cultures as well as promoting diversity, supporting children to further understand the world around them.

Drama-based ESL teacher with students in Gran Canaria

Workshops have been conducted in international schools and colleges across the globe in countries such as South Korea, Thailand, Mexico, Spain and many more! (Please see below for our full list of locations)


Feeling inspired? Get in touch with us and book your workshop, e-mail and please quote Educating Earth Workshops.


Our Previous Workshops;


  • Athens, Greece (Campion International School)

  • Beijing, China (Harrow International School)

  • Budapest, Hungary (The American International School), (Budapest International School)

  • Cancun, Mexico (International American School of Cancun)

  • Gdansk, Poland (British International School of Gdansk)

  • Koh Chang, Thailand (Cambodian Centre Koh Chang)

  • Kovan, Singapore (Kent Ridge Tutor Centre)

  • Las Palmas, Spain (The British School of Gran Canaria)

  • Mexico City, Mexico (The Edron Academy)

  • Tallinn, Estonia (Circus Studio Folie), (International School of Estonia)

  • Seoul, South Korea (Broadway Arts Centre)

(Above:) Educating Earth at the British School of Gran Canaria

Register your interest in booking one of our workshops by emailing


Educating Earth Project

Circus Studio Folie, Tallinn


Educating Earth Project

Broadway Arts Centre, Seoul


Educating Earth Project

Cambodian Centre, Koh Chang

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